Round Balers


Krone’s Comprima variable round balers are available in the V150 (XC) 0.9-1.5m and V180 (XC) 0.9-1.8m. Equipped with a 2.15m wide cameless pickup and crop feed roller, their unique belt and slat design features slats that inter mesh with the baler creating a positive feed for optimal bale weights and densities.


The Fortima range of round balers come in both variable V1500 V1800 (MC) and fixed chamber round balers F1250 (MC). Able to produce bale size of 0.9-1.5m and 0.9-1.8m for the variable balers and 1.25m for fixed baler the fortima range has the baler for you.


The Ultima’s non-stop operation is attributed to its unique pre-compression chamber technology.The Ultima puts out up to 50% more wrapped bales per hour than other round baler wrappers.