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Crommelins Fire Fighting Pump Petrol Twin Impeller Honda

The difference between the single and twin impeller is the total head and water flow. A twin impeller can pump a higher total head than a single impeller but a reduced water flow. The single impeller would have a higher water flow but a lesser total head. It is all dependent on your unique requirements.

These pumps have a cast aluminum impeller, cast iron diffuser, cast aluminum pump body, metal (not plastic) delivery outlet caps, as well as, bolt on replaceable suction and discharge ports. All these features ensure the durability of the pump and are easily replaced if damaged.

The Crommelins Fire Fighting Pump Petrol Twin Impeller is powered by a Honda GX200 engine. It has a maximum water flow of 300L per minute and has a total head of 90m. If this pump does not suit your purpose, we have a wide range of fire fighting pumps you can view.

Optional extras include electric start with AGM Battery, two-inch inlet / outlets, trolley kit (for recoil start only) hose kits and Viton seals.

Consistent and high-pressure water when you most need it through our fire fighting pumps!

These fire fighting pumps are known for their reliability, durability, and versatility. They are ideal for fire fighting, water transfer, washing down machinery and many other jobs that require water at pressure. Our range come in either single or twin impeller.


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