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Skid Cutter SC25 Series

Industrial Equipment
The SC25 Skid Cutters are ideal for clearing grass, weeds, and brush up to 2″ diameter. They can be set to cut depths as low as 1.5″ and come in either 60″ with three different volume drive motors to maximize performance on your SSV or SVL models. They are ideal for tightly restricted areas under fences, in and around boxed in corner sections of corrals and out buildings, vineyard, nursery rows, wooded lots, and approaches to ditches and waterways.

Cut Capacity

Both the SC2560 and SC2572 come with a 5.1cm diameter cut capacity.

Center Mount

Center mount with offset hitch option allows operator to offset 8-1/2″ to the right to cut close to obstacles.

Optional Front Gauge Wheel

Optional front gauge wheel provides easy operation and handling over uneven terrain. The laminated tire can’t go flat.



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