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Tandem Roller RD12

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Tandem Roller RD12: High performance for excellent compaction results

The RD12 tandem vibratory roller with a dual drum drive and articulated steering for excellent maneuverability. With a front vibrating drum and rear static drum it offers efficiency compaction results in a compact package. This machine is ideally suited for commercial and residential compaction of asphalt and granular subbase material. Primary applications include parking lots, driveways, secondary roads, repair work and nature trails. Additionally, the RD12 is utilized for turf rolling in the landscape and golf industry segments.

Ergonomic Operator Platform

  • The operator’s platform is ergonomically designed to minimize vibration while having easy access and comfortable reach to all controls. This ensures greater efficiency and operator comfort.
  • Fuel and water gauges provide operator with fluid levels during operation.
  • The skid resistant lockable metal floorplate and the built-in all weather seat with seatbelt allow for safer and comfortable operation during any season. and makes the machine even more durable.

Optimized curb and side clearance

  • The optimized curb clearance prevents damage to concrete curbs when compacting subbase and asphalt.
  • With the side clearance of less than 5 cm the operator can maneuver close to any structure resulting in professional compaction end results.
  • Fully recessed hydraulic motors provide excellent curb and side clearance allowing easy compaction near curbs, walls and in confined areas.

Excellent drum visibility

  • With a tapered frame and hood design, the operator has excellent visibility to the drum edges for more comfortable operation and efficiency.
  • The compact design allows an unobstructed view of the drums at all times. This simplifies maneuvering and approaching walls and obstacles providing high quality results.
  • The operator has all-round visibility which means fewer mirrors and no need for a rear-view camera. In addition, the risk of accidents is reduced.

Fully integrated operating lever

  • Ergonomic joystick with integrated vibration and water spraying functions for better control and ease of operation.

Industry leading service access

  • The hood design provides easy to the engine, hydraulic components, fuse box and maintenance points.
  • Quick, tool-free access to water pump, water filter, battery and manuals guarantee easy maintenance of the equipment. This reduces the overall maintenance downtime and therefore the total cost of ownership.
  • Hinged floor plate allows quick access to the main components.


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