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KRONE celebrates 30 years of its BiG Pack Balers.

KRONE celebrates 30 years of its BiG Pack Balers.

For 30 years, Krone and Kubota Australia has been providing farmers with premium-quality technology and innovation through its BiG Pack Balers, and 2023 will be no different, with two new models hitting the market.

The 6 knotter Big Pack 1290 HDP – without a cutter and the Big Pack 1290 HDP VC with the VariCut chopping system – joins the HDP High Speed and eight-knotter HDP II balers to deliver greater comfort for users.

Kubota Australia product manager Ashley Swayn said for its 30th Year in Australia, Krone had two objectives; reduce the total cost of ownership and improve comfort.

“After testing the 1290 HDP for several years in Australian conditions, our engineers focused on the small details to improve the next generation of Big Pack Balers,” Mr Swayn said.

“The new Big Pack HDP balers perform at the same performance level as earlier versions of the HDP and HDP Xtreme six-knotter balers. However, improvements to the Variable Filling System (VFS) have increased throughput, density, and bale shape, reducing running costs.

“After listening to customer feedback, Krone implemented several changes to the VFS system trips and internal components.

“The ability to adjust the biscuit and trigger point from the cab will ensure better filling of the bale from top to bottom. Bigger VFS bearings taken over from the larger HDPII balers, there are stronger components on the cam track, and more fingers on the feeding unit to boost performance and extend its working life,” Mr Swayn said.

Among the major new features is Krone’s innovative PowerClean knotter fan system. New hydraulically driven fans – on top of the knotter stack – direct air pressure under the hood and blow out any foreign material. The air pressure is guided behind the twine boxes down towards the axle, keeping the whole baler clean.

The design of the new Twine Boxes ensure material cannot build up. The Twine Boxes can be folded in two different modes from the cabin. One mode allows the user to fold it down onto the ground for easier twine loading, like the HDPII, while the other mode hydraulically angles the boxes, an improvement on the current High-Speed range.

Upgrades to the bale chamber’s wear liners ensure the machine’s longevity. The bale ejector has flexibility to remove all bales or the last bale off the ramp, and the improved bale ejector tines engage more into the bale.

Mr Swayn said the Krone Big Pack HDP balers were a significant update to the range and have already proved themselves in the Australian market.

“Krone has been outshining its competitors with innovation and technology for the past 30 years, and these two new models continue that proven track record.”
“Since 1993, Krone’s Big Pack Balers have been helping Australian farmers boost productivity. These new fifth generation models prove Krone continues to lead the way with innovation, and technology” Mr Swayn said.

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