GZD15 Zero-turn Mower

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The manoeuvrability of a zero-turn mower with the ultra efficient operation of our rear-discharging, two-blade, Glide Cut mower. We combined these two essential features with a long list of others to create an economical, high-performance zero-turn mower – the hybrid Kubota GZD15. And with its integrated high dump grass catcher system that gives the ability to unload grass clippings up to a height of 1.8m, the GZD15 delivers a high level of efficiency – it’s no wonder this clever mower has become a popular choice of both commercial operators, and semi-professionals alike.

Zero-Turn Manoeuvrability

Independent left and right steering levers operate with a light touch to provide the GZD15 with amazing nimbleness-including a 360-degree turning radius to get into tighter spaces to navigate obstacles with ease.

These dual operation levers provide the smooth, precise control you’ll need for delicate trimming and work around trees and flowerbeds.

Engine and Transmission

Powered by a 15HP, liquid cooled diesel engine, the Kubota GZD15-3HD not only features powerful performance but also gets the job done faster, with a top travel speed of 13.5 km/h, you’ll cruise from job to job faster. And thanks to the GZD15 zero-turn mower’s high cutting performance and fuel efficient diesel engine, you can finish your day’s job faster than ever.

For a smoother, quieter, maintenance-free final drive, you can also depend on Kubota’s high volume, shaft-driven HST transmission. Power is transmitted directly from the engine to the HST via a shaft, and from the HST to the tyres by means of a gear train.

Wet-type, single-disc brake provides incredible stopping power for safer operation.

Mower Deck

Equipped with a deep mower deck (123.4 mm inner), the GZD15 zero-turn mower cuts faster– in fact, even tall, thick, or wet grass is no challenge. When it comes to drives, nothing is more enduring than shaft. That’s why when we created the mid-mount mowing unit of our GZD15 zero-turn mower, we made sure it would be powered by an amazingly reliable and quiet shaft drive.

Cutting height can be quickly adjusted by simply twisting the height adjustment dial, which is located within easy reach of the operator’s seat.


Kubota’s unique glide cut system utilises two blades to cut, that channels directly into the integrated rear grass catcher. 400l grass collector means less time dumping grass and more time cutting it.

The GZD15 Grass collector moves vertically, allowing consistent, no-spill dumping at variable heights (0.9m – 1.8m) to load clippings efficiently into a tuck bed or trailer.

Our Quick Clean System raises productivity by making it easy to clear even wet grass without leaving the driver’s seat. Simply use the lever to simply clear a path to the grass collector


The Kubota GZD15-3HD is a hybrid zero-turn mower equipped with Kubota’s exclusive ‘Glide Steer’, which offers excellent manoeuvrability and exceptional traction while preventing turf damage.

For increased safety, the GZD15’s brake pedal enables quick, emergency stopping from just a light touch.

With a low sitting position, the GZD15’s low centre of gravity enhances stability when operating on uneven terrain.



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