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  • Shear zone reducing vertical tillage tool that prefers 10-15 km/hr operating speed.
  • Used as a primary tillage tool in the autumn after the combine to allow the field to weather over winter.
  • Used to reduce corn borer infestation in autumn passes by chopping maize or straw residue and mixing it into the tilled soil surface.
  • Used as a spring time last pass finishing tool prior to seeding spring crop to help warm up damp cool soils for quick emergence.
  • Used to create a smooth, finished, surface and sub surface for smooth planting without putting back yield reducing layers or shear zones.
  • Used to chit wheat and oilseed rape volunteers or weeds such as black grass.
  • In No-Till conditions, straw and residue bind nitrogen delaying it from becoming accessible to the crop. This “carbon penalty” is a big reason for yield reductions in direct seeding environments. The Turbo-Max sizes residue and laces it to the ground to hasten decay while mechanically maintaining a uniform soil profile.
  • Proven around the world in multiple crops and climate conditions.
  • Now available with 3m transport.


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