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Kubota’s GR Series all-wheel drive, diesel-powered ride-on mowers are built to last. Fuel efficient, reliable and requiring little routine maintenance, the GR Series is ideal for residential operators that require a mower that tackles hilly terrain and the toughest mowing jobs with ease. Contoured mower decks come in two sizes, 48″ and 54″ that raise and lower hydraulically. The GR2120 is equipped with Kubota’s exclusive ‘Glide Steer’ technology, which offers excellent manoeuvrability and exceptional traction while preventing turf damage.

Diesel Powered

Tapping Kubota’s legendary heritage of quality engine design, the GR2120 is powered by a Kubota 17HP, 3-cylinder diesel engine, generating a high torque rise that easily handles hours of heavy-duty mowing.

Glide Steer Technology

GR2120 with Glide Steer technology excels where 4WD traction and efficient mowing are needed. Only revolutionary technology by Kubota enables the GR2120 to turn sharply, yet minimise potential turf damage to levels below standard 2WD lawn tractors.

Offering precise control and exceptional traction with ‘Glide Steer’, the GR2120 not only cut in confined areas, they cut down overall mowing time as well. Add it all up, and you have the most manoeuvrable and powerful lawn tractor on the market.

Front wheels can turn up to 70 degrees, and inside rear wheel track freely when completing turns, enabling extremely tight turning.


Kubota’s reputable HST transmission is easily controlled by a single foot pedal that produces a smooth and comfortable ride. Unlike a belt-drive transmissions utilised in conventional mowers, our low-maintenance shaft-drive transmission will provide years and years of reliable service. Perfect for rolling terrain, the GR series all-wheel drive delivers outstanding traction when you need it most.

Hydraulic PTO and shaft drives are only a few farm tractor features that distinguish the GR from its competition. Our shaft-drive mower deck and hydraulic PTO clutch deliver reliability with far less maintenance. No more belts and pulleys to maintain.

High End Features

Starting with a 8mm U-frame platform, every component from the ground up has been designed to provide significant durability for years of service.

Soft-touch power steering enhances manoeuvrability, reduces fatigue, and makes operating the GR2120 effortless.

Mower Deck

Contoured mower decks come in two sizes, 48″ and 54″ that raise and lower hydraulically. Height adjustment dial allows the operator to easily and quickly adjust the mower cut height from 1″ to 4″, in 1/4″ increments. Constructed of durable 10 gauge steel and designed with a 5-inch deep shell for professional and lasting results.

Optional mulching kit is a one-piece unit that’s easy to install and optional 350-litre grass catcher is available to order.


Oversized and generously padded, the GR2120’s suspension seat can be adjusted to provide a high level of comfort to a wide range of operators. The full-flat open platform minimises operator fatigue with plenty of legroom. Weight adjustment dial allows the operator to customise the seat suspension for increased comfort.

Ergonomically positioned to the left of the operator, the hydraulic lever provides simple and effortless lift/ lower operations of the mower deck.




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