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Land Pride’s MP10 and MP20 Moldboard Plows are ideal for small acreage farms or large gardens. These plows are the ideal tool for initial cultivation of soil to prepare for planting or when deeper tillage — more than a field cultivator can provide — is required. Both models are equipped with replaceable 14″ shares, shins, and landsides for easy maintenance. The MP10 and MP20 frames feature a 1″ x 4″ steel trailing arm and cross member, as well as a Cat. 1 3-point hitch. The optional coulter allows for a smoother furrow edge and helps reduce slightly the drag on the moldboard.

Bolted steel frame

Easy to replace individual components.

Adjustable 3-point Cat. I hitch

Can adjust leading plow share to operate next to the furrow on many different tractors.

Replaceable wear components

High wear components (plow share, shim, moldboard, landslide, and optional coulter) can be individually replaced as they wear to help keep maintenance cost down.

Shearbolt protected plow bottoms

Protects structural integrity of each plow bottom.

Park jack with MP10 model

Single bottom plow won’t fall over.

14″ coulters (Optional)

Breaks ground ahead of the moldboard so that the plow can pull easier and cuts trash to help keep trash from wrapping around and building-up on the plow shank.


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