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Kubota’s SH200 and SH500 Series pneumatic seeders are designed to integrate with our Cultivator, Compact Discs and Power Harrows to ensure rapid one-pass crop cover during stubble operation, and economical crop establishment costs. Cover crops are effective at fixing nitrogen and have a positive effect on soil structure, erosion and the environment. The SH200 and SH500 Series provides precision high output seeding, and the seed rate from 200 L to 500 L hopper can be adjusted safely from the cab while working. Eight outlets ensure that seeds are spread uniformly over the working width, and the SH200 and SH500 is versatile for establishing rape or applying mixed diameter seeds like legumes and crucifers.

Product Features

The Kubota SH200 and SH500 Series Seed Box is the most efficient way to sow cover crops and protect soil in the autumn by sowing directly during stubble cultivation. The SH200 and SH500 is designed to combine with Kubota’s wide range of compact discs and tine cultivators, and can also be easily combined with Kubota’s rigid and folding power harrows using a professional fitting kit. The versatile rotors (2 as standard) deliver small seeds into fine grooves or cereals into larger groves. Plenty of rotor options are available for very small seeds, large seeds or fertiliser.

Advanced Control

The advanced control box (version 5.2) monitors and controls seed flow, metering, speed, hectares and time, and even diagnoses problems. It can be connected to a radar or ISO 7-pin tractor speed information plug. The SH500 Series includes a hopper low-level sensor.

Even Distribution

Central hoses from the seeder deliver air to 8 burster plates. These strongly spreading deflectors ensure even seed distribution throughout operation. Distribution occurs before the roller, and the outlet position and angle are adjustable. 

Seed Metering

The SH200 Series has 2 types of seed metering rotors as standard: a fine option for small seeds (rape, mustard, cabbage, clover etc.) and a medium rotor for seeds like vetch, grass and sunflower. An agitator above the rotor ensures a steady stream of seeds, while a brush at the base regulates flow and improves accuracy. Other rotor options are available. 

Adaptable Fans

Electric (200E / 500e) or hydraulic (200H / 500H) models are available. Choose electric for rigid machines, fine seeds and a maximum output of 4 kg/min. The hydraulic fan delivers up to 14 kg/min. when higher speeds, larger working widths and therefore a higher seed rate are needed. 

Smart Sensing

A start/stop rigid linkage sensor is supplied as standard for automatic seed on/off functions at headlands. The sensor can also connect to an inductive sensor on a trailed machine. 



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